Wednesday, March 7, 2007

They both start with "T", right?

City/State or Hospital Name: Regions Hospital, Minnesota
Original Complaint: Vegetarian with meat food poisoning
Learned By: T

Toradol is just as good an anti-nausea medication as Tygan.
When the PA gives you the wrong shot by mistake, Toradol won't keep you from throwing up since it's not an anti-emetic, but you really won't care.
You'll also have to call your friend to drive you home ten minutes later when the walls look like they're melting and you feel all floaty.

The kicker? I knew right as I got the shot. Toradol feels cold upon injection. Tygan hurts like a sonofabitch. In the end, I got my lovely Tygan, and thanks to the Toradol, it didn't burn going in! :)

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